Host/ Puzzle Ninjaneer

Estimated $18,000-$25,000 a year

Breckenridge, CO 

Job Description: Host/ Puzzle Ninjaneer


These skills are critical for this position...


Problem-solver - You love solving problems and puzzles, and enjoy teaching yourself new skills. If a manual is nearby and there's a help section, you can master it. You don't get freaked out when faced with a task you don't quite understand. These skill is critical for this position.


Great attention to detail


Independent worker - You’ll work independently with very little supervision. An ability to manage your time well, be accountable, adhere to policy and meet deadlines is critical.


High EQ - You might be on the quieter side, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a strong sense of how people work and you know how to be super diplomatic.


Radiate positivity - You are (or at least you are able to fake it well) personable, courteous, and able to engage with all of our guests/players.


Experience in customer service and are a master of customer happiness - You’ll be the first point of contact with our customers so strong interpersonal intelligence is key.


Other Duties:

  • Able to manage POS and Scheduling system (please list systems you've used)
  • Monitor guests and give clues when necessary
  • Accurately, reset and stage game after each experience


You probably won't love this job if...

  • You need 30-40 hours a week - This is ideal for someone who already has another job, hobby, or interest. 
  • You are frequently late - The game cannot be played if you're not there. Time-management is key.
  • You prefer hand-holding - Your first instinct when faced with a problem is to come to your boss asking a question. So much of this role requires problem-solving where you may not have all the critical information and you’ll get to solve it on your own.

We are actively hiring! Our workload can change from one day to the next, and thus we're always scouting out good talent. So go ahead and introduce yourself.

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